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Loeffler Randall Printed Ponyhair Sandals For Sale Cheap Authentic nEhGbKi7
Loeffler Randall Printed Ponyhair Sandals

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SNAP! Productions and South High Magnet School have done it again. I don't know what it is about this collaboration, but they seem to have the magic touch. Rebecca Noble and Michal Simpson have put together a memorable, magical show where storytellers whisk you away to a French Antilles island and beyond to the world of mythical gods.

Last night I attended their version of ONCE ON THIS ISLAND, the Michael Arden directed musical that just snagged the 2017 Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical on Broadway.

The musical with book and lyrics by Lynn Arends and music by Stephen Flaherty is based on the 1985 novel, "My Love, My Love; or, The Peasant Girl" by Trinidad born Cheap Best Prices ara Mariah 36366 Womens Discount High Quality Release Dates For Sale Pre Order Cheap Online xhsjhms
, who had herself been orphaned at a young age. Her story takes place on a jewel of an island ruled by four gods, Papa Ge (demon of death), Asaka (mother of the earth), Agwe (god of water), and Erzulie (goddess of love). The paradisaical island is fractured between the affluent lighter skinned progeny of the French and their slaves (the grand hommes), and the poor darker skinned working class peasants.

It begins with a terrified young girl who is calmed by storytellers. The storytellers sing a tale of "One Small Girl" who is the young Ti Moune (precious Poet Lewis), found in a tree after a flood sent by Agwe (Justin Blackson) by two old peasants, Tonton Julian (Japrice Green) and Mama Euralie (Emily New Arrival Best Wholesale Sale Online Aquazzura Belgravia Denim Espadrille Flats Outlet Sale Free Shipping Clearance Store Classic EAdNr7
). They take the little girl in because the gods must have had some reason for sparing her life. When grown, Ti Moune (Regina Palmer) prays to know that reason--and a grand homme to carry her away. The gods toy with her life. Agwe (Justin Blackson) wants to splash her with a wave. Asaka ( Zhomontee Watson ) wants to pelt Ti Moune with a melon. Papa Ge (Xavier Carr) wants to scare her to death and Erzulie (Echelle Childers) wants to give her what she wants. Papa Ge and Erzulie bet which is stronger: death or love? Erzulie argues that Papa Ge can stop her heart, but he cannot stop her from loving because love is stronger than death. Agwe decides to up the ante by bringing the two different worlds together in another storm. Daniel (Matthew Carter) a grand homme descendant of French noble Armand ( Ryan Savage ), crashes his car in the rain and is cared for by Ti Moune. She falls in love with him despite the impossibility of their relationship and his prearranged marriage to Andrea (Kate Madsen). She offers her life in exchange for Daniel's, proving that love does trump death.

"We will live beside the sea

We'll have children

A garden

And a tree..." sings Ti Moune.

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With the introduction of ES2015+, and as transpilation has become commonplace, many of you will have come across newer language features, either in real code or tutorials. One of these features that often has people scratching their heads when they first come across them are JavaScript decorators.

Decorators have become popular thanks to their use in Angular 2+. In Angular, decorators are available thanks to TypeScript, but in JavaScript they’re currently a stage 2 proposal , meaning they should be part of a future update to the language. Let’s take a look at what decorators are, and how they can be used to make your code cleaner and more easily understandable.

What is a Decorator?

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In its simplest form, a decorator is simply a way of wrapping one piece of code with another — literally “decorating” it. This is a concept you might well have heard of previously as functional composition , or higher-order functions .

functional composition higher-order functions

This is already possible in standard JavaScript for many use cases, simply by calling on one function to wrap another:

This example produces a new function — in the variable wrapped — that can be called exactly the same way as the doSomething function, and will do exactly the same thing. The difference is that it will do some logging before and after the wrapped function is called:

Decorators use a special syntax in JavaScript, whereby they are prefixed with an @ symbol and placed immediately before the code being decorated.

Note: at the time of writing, the decorators are currently in “ Rebecca Minkoff Mesh Studded Espadrilles Cheap Sale Pay With Visa Store Outlet Locations Cheap Price Clearance Find Great Rm73s
” form, meaning that they are mostly finished but still subject to changes.

It’s possible to use as many decorators on the same piece of code as you desire, and they’ll be applied in the order that you declare them.

For example:

This defines a class and applies three decorators — two to the class itself, and one to a property of the class:

At present, using decorators requires transpiler support, since no current browser or Node release has support for them yet. If you’re using Babel, this is enabled simply by using the transform-decorators-legacy plugin .

Note: the use of the word “legacy” in this plugin is because it supports the Babel 5 way of handling decorators, which might well be different from the final form when they’re standardized.

Whilst functional composition is already possible in JavaScript, it’s significantly more difficult — or even impossible — to apply the same techniques to other pieces of code (e.g. classes and class properties).


Erin: It’s in their playbook! The $2 billion they spent on Oculus VR and the $19 billion they spent on WhatsApp were essentially butt-covering moves. There aren’t really any blockchain acquisitions that make a ton of sense, and I doubt the company would be eager to make an acquisition while cryptocurrencies are under regulatory scrutiny and the big tech is under antitrust scrutiny.

Sandra: It seems too early in the blockchain lifecycle for a company like Facebook to make a major acquisition. I could see them scouting out the landscape and deciding that no one is established enough—or threatening enough—to be worth snapping up.

Erin: Even before today’s news, there’s been plenty of speculation about what Facebook could do here. One example that bubbled up after the Cambridge Analytica scandal is to use blockchain technology to give Facebook users more control of their personal data. But, like a lot of blockchain-related ideas, it seems more speculative than a legitimate use case.

Sandra: Let’s play that out for a second. A personal data blockchain would have to be private, otherwise everything you posted could be read by everyone on the internet. So maybe a user “owns” her data, but in practice I don’t see how that translates into anything meaningful within the walls of Facebook. The company would surely still use the data to sell and target ads, and if a user decided to leave the platform, the data would still be written into Facebook’s blockchain.


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Erin: Recode’s report suggests Facebook might use blockchain technology for encrypted data storage, though I’m not sure why that requires, or would even benefit from, a distributed ledger. Already companies that dove head-first into blockchain projects are learning that they could get the same results more cheaply using current technology.

Sandra: At least one cryptoblogger speculated that Facebook might launch its own tokens and distribute them to shareholders and users. Users whose posts hit some kind of engagement metric would earn tokens. If users held FaceBucks, or whatever they're called, they’d have a personal financial stake in the platform’s success. But this argument seems weak to me. Attaching money to user performance creates the wrong incentives. The point of being active on the platform is to have “meaningful social interactions,” Facebook tells us, so turning it into a side hustle distorts that social goal.

Erin: Lots of startups that have “ pivoted to blockchain ” have taken this tack, but it can definitely create bad incentives, a danger Facebook is familiar with. Facebook essentially demoted Zynga from its platform for using the kind of spammy “growth hacking” tactics that engagement-based rewards incentivize back in 2011. (Not to mention—issuing Facebucks would not sit well with other crypto startups selling tokens, considering Facebook banned initial coin offerings from advertising on its platform earlier this year!)

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