Yoga Chikitsa

Yoga Therapy works on all the inter-related levels of our being to bring balance and harmony to our physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects. Many of our clients seek to rehabilitate injuries and be free from pain and other physical issues, other seeks spiritual evolution, yet everyone benefits in profound ways they never expected.

Yoga Therapy is a path of Self-empowerment that utilizes the therapist as a facilitator in service to highest good of the student with a special emphasis on each individuals goals and personal evolution. Yoga Therapy utilizes the time tested and scientific application of Yoga techniques, and practices along with all of its sub-sciences and  overlapping sister sciences of Ayurveda and even Jyotisha in some cases. Yoga therapy may include lifestyle modification , nutrition, meditation, counselling, exercise, cleansing, and various remedial measures based on the individual.

Yoga is a scientific study of our entire nature—body, mind, and spirit. As such Yoga Chikitsa is not a mere physical or chemical form of therapy and cannot be approached in the same way as modern allopathic medicine. Just as the Yoga therapist cannot approach the individuals conditions according to the modern viewpoint nor can the patient.

Yoga as a science is also an art, weaving the natural forces within and around us in order to create new forms of harmony and transformation in order to facilitate healing and optimum health.

Yogic healing strategies are only ‘working models’ to be adjusted according to circumstances and responses, not fixed formulas to be applied rigidly or en masse; as such, each individual with the same symptoms  will receive a different therapeutic prescription.
Yoga Chikitsa has all the variability and complexity, yet underlying simplicity of life itself. Remember that both the patient and the therapist must look to the entire being and their life including beliefs and thinking patterns to facilitate transformation. 

In regular Yoga classes, the student tries to perform yoga practices designed to generally accommodate the interests of the group. In Yoga Therapy, the teacher facilitates the appropriate and systematic application of the right practice, at the right time, for the right person, in the right way, given the individuals goals and needs. In Yoga Therapy sessions are highly individualized to suit the student and their needs.

A Yoga Therapist may work privately or in small groups depending on the student, and how individualized an approach they are looking for, as well as if they are willing to practice at home with a personalized  program designed just for them.

Yoga Chikitsa should also be recognized as a spiritual discipline connected to the greater Yogic path. This does not mean it is a religious dogma or the cult of a particular personality. It is a way of unfolding our spiritual as well as our physical potentials. While one can approach Yoga Chikitsa from different spiritual backgrounds, a recognition of the conscious universe as the underlying factor in all healing is a great help to understanding and applying Ayurveda in an authentic manner.

Yoga believes that all manifestations of dis-ease have corresponding causal and or symptomatic karmas that will need to be addressed to manifest true, complete, and permanent healing. The individual is addressed “wholistically” as a whole being Body, mind, and emotions. In Yoga Therapy we address each imbalance or dis-ease in a multidimensional manner to work with the entire person and facilitate the balancing of the 5 bodies (pancha kosha).

     1. Physical
     2. Mental
     3. Emotional

“Optimum health is simply a balanced state of conscious energy”

 This multifaceted Yogic approach to health is viewed through our lifestyle in so many ways and affirms that who we really are is indeed the master of our experience, and that we can, if we choose, gain conscious control of our lives. In fact it is not just something we can do if we choose; it is our mission, our birthright! In Yoga we strive to live the ultimate life…the divine life! To be at one with the universe and express ourselves as divine beings demands that what we put into our bodies and minds be clean and filled with nutritive energy to provide us with the enormous amount of energy required for evolutionary transformation. Cultivating energy and facilitating consciousness requires that we maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes nutritive activities, foods, environments, relationships, work, and even the thoughts we think.

 “Within our lifestyle lies the clues to achieve a balanced state of health.
If we are to live fulfilled loving lives we must be willing to empower ourselves.”


If our actions or thoughts are not in harmony with the universe then we cannot have health. Though the manifestations of dis-ease are legion they are always the result of fragmentation, illusion, and an egoic life ruled by selfish desires. We must make conscious choices to eliminate those things, habits, or patterns that deplete us of energy, and then cultivate higher energy to benefit ourselves and others (which always benefits us). What we do, the way we do it, when we do it, how we do it, how much we do, what we are thinking when we do it, and the environment we are in when we do it will determine whether it will give us energy or deplete us of energy. This statement is true for all activities in life, and is key to manifesting our experience in the world and our role in the cosmos.

 "Evolutionary transformation occurs through empowerment,
the level of that transformation into consciousness is determined
by the amount of energy one has available to them."

 Yoga Chikitsa helps alleviate symptoms and often times offers permanent cures for conditions such as:


     Chronic Pain:
          • Arthritis
          • Sciatica
          • Headaches
          • Asthma
          • Misalignments
    Acute Injuries:
          • Whiplash
          • Strains & Sprains
     Digestive Disorders
     Chronic Fatigue
     Men’s / Women’s Health


     Anger Management
     Change Management

1 Hour Consultation = $125

Package Prices
6 sessions @ $100 per = $600
12 sessions @ $92.5 per = $1110

 - Financing available upon request
 - Ask about our first package incentives   
 - Session pricing is based on a 60 minute session. Sessions may be increased to 90 minutes @ 1.5 x the hourly rate.

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Every choice I make in my life will either empower me or dis-empower me. Any form of transformation requires the successful implementation of choices that empower me and the successful removal of barriers (choices) that dis-empower me. Beyond my choices lie the subconscious motivations that may be self defeating; that is why an attitude of love not fear must drive my desires; this cycle feeds unto itself. So if I am not where I want to be then out of self love I must make the choice to take action!