Performance Lifestyle Nutrition:
Experiencing a state of long term peak energy & empowerment is foundational to the nutritional coaching philosophy we approach with each of our clients. Each nutritional plan we undertake with our clients simultaneously implements a plan that:
     1. Begins providing you with energy that is both immediate and cumulative.
     2. Corrects & reverses states of dis-ease.
     3. Sets in motion critical factors for a sustainable state of optimum health.
Our nutrition programing is unique in that it is interconnected with our coaching philosophy of intuitive facilitation for heightened energy and consciousness which affects all areas of your life in enormously positive and unforeseen ways.

Food As Medicine
Our philosophy and aim is to honor food as medicine and not as something that is simply an indulgence or unconscious attempt to recapture some measure of gross energy.
Within each session we addresses key interconnected aspects of your nutrition and lifestyle and the consultation may therefore include any combination of the below modalities.
     1. Nutrition Planning Specializing In:
            • Spiritual Nutrition
            • High Performance Executive Nutrition
            • Sports Nutrition
            • Longevity and anti-aging
            • Weight Loss
            • Weight Gain
     2. Exercise plans:
            • Exercise prescription
            • One on One Private and group training
     3. Yoga Therapy:
            • Yoga Prescription
            • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Recommendations
            • Meditation
     4. Environmental modification prescription (water, air)


Peak Energy - Mental Performance - Disease Remediation - Insulin Sensitivity - Fat Loss - Sports Nutrition - Mens Health and Performance

 Supplementation - Bodybuilding - Muscle Gain - Spiritual Nutrition - Yogic & Ayurvedic Alchemy - Herbology - Anti-Ageing


1 Hour Consultation = $125

Package Prices
6 sessions @ $100 per = $600
12 sessions @ $92.5 per = $1110

30 Minute Session Packages
6 sessions = $380
12 sessions = $740

•   Financing available upon request
•   Ask about our first package incentives    
•   Session pricing is based on a 60 minute session. Sessions can occasionally be decreased to 30 minutes thereby offering greater value.

•   Consultations may be in person or via skype

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