S.E.L.F. Coaching for Success

The Atmalaya Institute offers a unique coaching program that combines western & eastern methodologies so as to co-facilitate consistent experiences of success and personal empowerment. Self Empowered Lifestyle Facilitation is a yogic approach to aiding each person to expereince and know the truth of their own answers. All of our coaching is grounded in nurturing spiritual integrity and infusing this personal power into our worldly activities so as to experience practical success while maximizing our ability to live in service and feel fully fulfilled!

What is Coaching?

Managing is making sure people do what they know how to do.
Training is teaching people to do what they don’t know how to do.
Mentoring is showing people how the people who are really good at doing something do it.
Counselling is helping people come to terms with issues they are facing.
Coaching is none of these – it is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability!

1. Business Coaching
2. Life Coaching
3. Wellness Coaching
4. Spiritual Coaching

Business Coaching & Consulting Services
We help individuals with:
• New careers
• Transitions
• Goal setting
• Mission & Visioneering

We help Managers:
• Become better facilitators
• Nurture their leadership potential
• Inspire themselves and their teams

We Help Businesses:
• Business Planning facilitation
• Marketing Strategies
• Team development

Our Specialty is the Wellness Industry and focusing on coaching for health & Wellness professionals. Our extensive experience in this industry allows us an intimate understanding of the market and the key areas for success.

We have extensive background owning, operating and consulting with:

Health & Fitness Clubs
Personal Training Studios
Wellness Centers
Nutrition & Supplements Stores

Our experience and specialty includes working with:

Facility & Program Managers
Personal Trainers
Massage Therapists
Energy Workers
Yoga & Meditation Teachers

We consistently & successfully co-facilitate:

Personal & professional Development
Operations & Management
Corporate Wellness Solutions
Business Modelling & Development
Team Building
Critical Pathing
Systems Implementation
Staff Recruiting, Hiring, & Training
Management Training
Member retention strategies
Increased Sales strategies
Staff Retention
Program Implementation
Service Development

Life Coaching

The Atmalaya Institute provides Life Coaching with coaches that draw upon a variety of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, education, management, counselling, and Yoga psychology. Our coaches apply techniques such as Yoga, meditation, dream analysis, hypnosis, and tons of self-actualization exercises.

Wellness Coaching

Spiritual Coaching


I had the privilege to work as a Personal Trainer for Daniel Ross at World Health Club for an extended period of time. I truly believe that his guidance lead me to achieve my goals both in my business and personal life. Daniel had high morals and values in which he expected himself and others to follow. His professionalism led as a great example for World Health Club staff. He had an incredible ability to see individual potential and strived to assist them in reaching it. Daniel consistently showed that he genuinely cared about this coworkers and gym members. He was great at assisting others set goals and achieving them. It was a great experience working with someone that had such balance in his life. Daniel worked hard to help others find balance of mind, body, and spirit in their own lives. I definitely feel that Daniel impacted my life positively and I appreciate everything he had taught me through the years. I still look to him for his advice and opinions in many areas but mostly health and fitness.

-Tanza Voth; Personal Trainer

It is with great pride and respect that I write this testimonial for my friend and mentor Daniel Ross. When Daniel first hired me in August 2006, I had experience as a trainer but I didn’t have the same experience with success. Under Daniels tutelage, I quickly became a high ranked trainer and sought after within the Calgary fitness scene. It is because of Daniel that I became successful. Utilizing simple yet effective methods to motivate, Daniel challenged me to reach past my previous potential and to always evolve not only as a personal trainer, but as a person. Thank you for everything Daniel.
- Chris Wells; Personal Trainer, Founder Team Wells

My Name is Adam Van De Walle and I was a General Manager at the Macleod Trail World Health Club, this is success in itself as in just 2 and a half short years I have gone from no direction to running a club for one of North Americas top fitness chains!

Along the way I have been privileged to work for and with Daniel Ross and he has had a huge impact on many of my successes. In the two years that I have had a production based position I have been in the top 3 in the company in sales and #1 both years in personal training sales, I have to say this is where Daniel’s success coaching has had the biggest impact for me. Not only did he teach me how to sell personal training but his Success Coaching also changed my mindset towards clients and the way I could impact their lives.

Daniel has had an impact on many clubs, hundreds of fitness professionals, thousands of members, and in my life directly. In any capacity that Daniel has had he has been very successful, from converting struggling clubs to fully efficient and hugely successful, everything Daniel has had a hand in has turned to Gold.

- Adam Van De Walle; Health Club General Manager, #1 Top Sales Consultant

In September 2005, I applied for a job as a Personal Trainer, I felt that it was a good step towards another career I was pondering. I was hired by Daniel Ross, and worked side by side with him for the next year and a half. In this time, he helped me realize that the fitness industry wasn’t just a job, but a career for me. While working with Daniel, he helped me find the passion that I have for the fitness industry and realize how much I love working with others towards their goals.

In May, 2006, I was promoted to Daniel’s assistant. In the year that followed, he taught me different systems that have made me successful today. Daniel’s coaching style has inspired me to become a coach myself. To this day I use the skills and techniques that he has taught me on a regular basis. The result of this, I am now running my own Personal Training team!. Thank you Daniel for inspiring me and keeping me motivated towards my personal career goals.

- Steve Johnson; Personal Trainer, Fitness Manager

My name is Shannon Delves and I am a personal trainer, nutrition coach and lifestyle consultant. In addition to running my own business, I have been competing in fitness competitions for the past 7 years. I feel blessed that I am able to live out my dream of helping others find success. Part on my own personal success came from the mentors in my life who helped guide me on my journey. I'd like to take this opportunity to recommend top trainer Daniel Ross as an amazing business success coach! I had the privilege of working with Daniel for the first 3 years of my career as a Personal Trainer, where he coached me on various success strategies in the wellness industry which I still use to this day. Daniel is a pleasure to work with and really helped me develop both personally and professionally. If you are a wellness professional who wants to learn skills to optimize your business and help you to better deliver your mission to your clients, then Daniel Ross is the coach for you!

- Shannon Delves; Personal Trainer, Fitness Model