The Atmalaya Institute provides teachers to facilitate the following retreats. If your group is interested in having one of our certified instructors guide you through these powerful practices contact us for details

Atmalaya Meditation Program

Facilitated either through a single day or weekend intensive this program forms the foundation for true Yogic meditation.

Pranava Kriya Weekend Intensive:

Learn the specific Asanas, Mudras, Mantras, Kriyas, & Pranayamas of the Pranava Kriya! Experience the ultimate truth of existence through what has been considered the highest of Yogic practices! While simple to learn this ongoing practice has unanimously been quoted by all the Yogic Masters & texts to lead the sincere student to enlightenment. associated with many health benefits such as:

•    Decreasing Stress and anxiety
•    Curing sleep disorders
•    Eliminating headaches
•    Relieve anger & depression
•    Reverse the effects of major debilitating diseases such as:

o    Asthma
o    Cancer
o    MS
o    HIV
o    Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
o    Arthritis

Ekadasi Psychic Cleansing Retreat

The Ekadasi psychic cleansing retreat as taught by Yogacharya Gowrishankarananda includes a 5 day yogic fasting process, the Shankaprakshalana GI tract cleanse, the full Jala Neti nasal & sinus cleansing practice, The Kaya Kriya physical trauma clearing practice, and the full Ekadasi 11 day psychic cleansing practice.