The ATMALAYA® Meditation Program is a step by step systematic approach to gaining control over our minds, emotions and every other area of our lives that ultimately leads to the state of Self-mastery. By consistently and sincerely practicing the techniques taught, you will progress through the meditation stages gaining a unique level of confidence and Self-awareness that will empower every area of your life.

The practices and techniques taught in the Atmalaya® Meditation Program are all derived from the traditional Yoga practices of the 6800 year old Brighu Rishi Paramparai (lineage). The techniques taught are not made up rather they have been passed on through our lineage for several thousand years and have produced many illustrious Saints, Guru’s, and Acharya’s throughout our history. Each level of the course involves a series of progressive techniques that will allow students to systematically develop their abilities to meditate. Students of this system can know that the path that they are following is the same path that many enlightened masters have followed and that they are indeed walking in the same steps.

In today’s day and age many people state that they “practice” meditation and yet after 10 years of this practice they still have not gained any level of significant control over their minds or emotions. Through the time tested & proven traditional yogic meditation (Dhyana)techniques of the Atmalaya Meditation System, we can progress towards our potential in a clearly defined and practical manner. 

What to expect

While many people look to meditation for specific reasons such as sleeping better or dealing with stress, what they usually find is that they get everything they were looking for and more. They become less reactive, various unhealthy habits drop away, and their relationships improve.
Not only do we experience profound shifts in our minds and emotions, science has proven what meditators have known for centuries, meditation also works with our physiology to regulate our nervous systems, circulatory systems, immune system, muscles, organs, and digestion to name a few.
Perhaps more importantly than even the mental, physical, and psychological benefits are the overall feelings of wellbeing, contentment, peace, love, energy, compassion, and connectedness that you experience and carry with you in everything you do. Not only do the benefits of meditation begin immediately they are also cumulative and sustainable.

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