The Atmalaya Institute values the practice of working collaboratively with other educational institutions, professional associations, and experienced Swami’s, Yogi’s and facilitators from various lineages. Educational Partnerships create more opportunities for students to learn and grow.

We respect the inherent divinity within all students and make the facilitation of the inner guru our first priority thus by extension we value individual yogic paths. Educational credit from other Yoga programs are accepted towards future diploma & degree programs as well as some of your upcoming certification programs.

The Atmalaya Institute is partnered with the following organizations in collaboration on delivering Yogic education and various Conscious living modalities.

Educational Partnerships & Collaborations

The International Center for Yoga Education & Research, India.

The AI is partnered with ICYER to co-facilitate the delivery of its pre-requisite 12 month Yoga theory program for acceptance into its international residential teacher training certification in Pondicherry India. For more information on the programs at Ananda Ashram and the International Center for Education & Research please go to

Atmalaya Ashram

The AI is the sister organization to the Atmalaya Ashram and focuses on the delivery of online Yoga education.

Yoga Sadhana Foundation

The Yoga Sadhana Foundation is a sister foundation to the AI and provides traditional sadhana opportunities with an emphasis on seva as Sadhana. The main project to date are to create an orphanage as well as contribute to building an affiliated ashram retreat center in conjunction with the Atmalaya Ashram in Canada. Donations to this worthy cause may be made here or online at their website.

BodyMind Institute

The AI has had a long time relationship with the BodyMind Institute and has collaborated with them to host some of its course content.