The Atmalaya Institute holds its core values as a sacred bond between all members of its community. All students, faculty, and support staff are required to embrace the AI Mission, Vision, & Core Values. Failure to offer dignity & respect to oneself and our community may result in suspension or expulsion.

Continuing Education Credits

The AI is committed to maintaining the highest of standards for its students and graduates. In an effort to uphold these high standards we will keep graduates up to date with new developments within their respective fields and continue to offer current and relevant continuing education to the benefit of all whom we mutually serve. To this end, graduates of certification programs will be required to maintain their membership with the AI and complete program specific Continuing Education Credits in order to maintain their certification in good standing.


At this time course donation payments to the Atmalaya Institute are available online through Paypal or via cheque or money order. Upon enrolling in any AI course simply follow the register now button and proceed to donate through Paypal. Here is an article from our founder regarding accepting donations as payment for Yogic knowledge here.


Written notification is required for all cancellations, withdrawals, and dismissals. Students will be entitled to a 100% refund if written notification is sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. within 48 hours of enrolment. After this time there are no refunds whereupon students and teachers will be expected to honour their agreements and fulfil their obligations to each other. After 2 days of enrolment but prior to 5 days Students may withdraw from a course or program and maintain a 100% credit at the AI for studies in other AI courses. Financial credit may be transferred to another student with written permission of both students and the AI acharya. Refunds & withdrawals will be based on the receipt date of written notification. After 5 days of registration there will be no refunds or credit available. Cancellation Policy for Consultations: We require 24 hours notice for all services and consultations. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in a 100% charge.


Some of the courses listed require that you first purchase and study the related pre-requisite which through preliminary practice will prepare the student to study directly with a qualified teacher. All of the practices require that the mind and body be purified to some degree at least and is why they are offered in stages and levels. Just as you would not leave a child to tend a fire, a responsible teacher will not introduce a practice or technique until the student is ready. If too powerful a practice is taught it will cause damage to the student and karmically to the teacher; or as is most common in today’s yoga scene, the practice is rendered relatively useless since the teacher themselves did not learn it properly... ie they read it in a book or studied it from a teacher somewhere down the line who did not learn it properly. This is why it is so important to study from a teacher qualified through a respected lineage. As the Yogic practices we teach become available for you, you will be able to access them provided of course that you have completed the required prerequisites. An appropriate preliminary Sadhana should be followed prior to beginning these practices and each student will be assessed individually to determine the appropriate timing.

Financial Aid

The AI is committed to minimize barriers to education and thereby offers financing options as well as incentive programs if tuition is paid for in full upon enrolling.


The AI is eager to establish a scholarship fund that will enable otherwise qualified students who may be financially challenged access to our courses. Individuals and organizations who are interested in contributing to our scholarship fund may donate here.


Credit bank

The AI grants course credit from other approved yoga institutions based upon transfer applicability and course material. AI maintains rigorous yogic standards in its graduation requirements and therefore establishes transferring course suitability on a per person, per course situation.

In some appropriate cases life experience can serve as an appropriate pre-requisite to course or program admission.

To receive transfer credit for previous studies, or life expereince students must forward a copy of transcripts with a certificate of completion as well as a reference from at least one teacher. Credit transfer requests may be mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from any of the AI courses or programs all indicated course specific requirements must be met and the course must be paid for in full. Students will be expected to maintain a regular Yoga practice as specified for each course and all student agreements must be completed.