The Atmalaya Institute is recognized as an approved educational entity by the International Center for Yoga Education & Research. All students of the AI will be given a certificate of completion for courses that have been successfully completed. The Atmalaya Institute grants certifications to all graduates of its various certification programs. All courses taken through the Atmalaya Institute are eligible for credit within corresponding certification programs. All courses & certifications will be allowed credit towards future Diploma & Degree programs.

The Atmalaya Institute is one of only a very few Yoga colleges on the planet that is accredited by the esteemed CYAI "Council for Yoga Accreditation International". The CYAI is the gold standard in Global Yoga Accreditation. The founding Institutions are the main accrediting lineages of Yoga from which all truly qualified teachers and yoga schools should be able to trace their origins to. The Atmalaya Institute integrates timeless teaching techniques with modern applications while upholding rigorous standards for their faculty and students to meet. Graduates will be challenged in a uniquely yogic context and we guarantee that students who graduate will experience a tremendous amount of self satisfaction as well as greater confidence & esteem.


The Atmalaya Institute and its teachers aim to skilfully blend western & eastern, Yogic teaching methodologies. In the west students have come to expect teachers to meet them where they are at. While these modern teaching techniques are helpful with facilitating different kinds of learners we recognize that they can also contribute to student’s weaknesses.

We are not in the business of creating followers, rather we create Guru’s

Modern, western styles of teaching often expect the teacher to meet the student where they are at and in effect step down to the students level. In the east, the traditional Yogic teaching methodologies require that students step up and become better learners. The west would identify a student as a visual learner and attempt to teach the subject visually. The Yogic approach with the same student would be to blind fold them thereby facilitating a stronger learner with less learning handicaps.